Bag and Tool Roll Strap

Bag and Tool Roll Strap

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The leather toe strap has been a staple of the cycling industry as long as there has been a cycling industry. Until now it has been a staple for us as well.

We spent the last twelve months exploring and testing different attachment options looking for ways of improving and modernizing the traditional style strap. Durable, versatile, uncomplicated and made in North America were the criteria and our new UV coated Polyurethane straps are the result.

A strong tension fit secures all of our seat bags, rolls and even your spare tubular to saddle no matter what kind of riding you do. With a Nylon buckle these cast-polyurethane straps are super tough, look great and won't age like your traditional leather toe strap.

Get one to update your current VéloColour bag or for carrying a spare tubular. And you know what? They're awesome straps for almost everything.

Looking to replace one of our original toe straps? No problem, this strap fits more snug than the tow strap. If you find that annoying you can simply take a sharp pair of scissors and make an 1/8" snip at the end of each slot.

- 12" strap is good for the mini roll, and the 2.0 saddle bag.
- 15" strap is recommended the Traditional tool roll and the Big Stuff saddle bag.

*now supplied with all of our saddle bags and tool rolls.
Made in the USA

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