Green Oil Dry Chain Wax

Green Oil Dry Chain Wax


Go Dry Chain Wax is a wax chain protector perfectly suited for dusty, dry conditions on the trails or long road rides. Like all waxes this is thinner and dryer than oil lubricants. It’s a standout in the dry where it offers great durability and protects the chain from corrosion and rust with a thin wax coating. Go Dry Wax functions with very low resistance and offers super efficiency and of course keeps your chain clean while repelling dirt and dust.

This Dry Wax is biodegradable and is produced with naturally derived waxes and sugar based solvent carriers. The bottle and long, spout lid are made with 100% recycled so if you want good dry performance without leaving a petrol-chemical trail this is the lube for you.

Application: Clean your chain well (even if new) using a natural de-greaser. Let dry. Shake the bottle well. While rotating the chain apply a moderate amount of GO Wax Lube to then inner links of your entire chain. Spin through 10-12 times and let set for a minimum of 15 minutes. Wipe lightly with a dry cloth before use. Re-apply as needed. The bottle is listed for 125K but we have found it to far exceed this distance.

Warning: If you want PTFEs, chemicals and nano-technology or want to know how many watts your Dry Wax will save you this may not be the product for you.

Pinkbike's Take:
The performance of Green Oil products may not be any better compared to the wide range of bike-related fluids on the market, but, the peace of mind that everything you are inhaling, absorbing, or dripping into the environment is clean and chemical free, to me, outweighs any disadvantages.— Paul Aston”

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