Green Oil Ecogrease

Green Oil Ecogrease


Go Ecogrease is a 100% plant based, non-toxic performance bicycle grease. It’s thick consistency is great for bearings and bottom brackets an also for non-moving parts like seat posts and headset cups where it will lock out moisture.

Ecogrease will biodegrade after its life on the bike - it needs the warmth, moisture and bacteria in the soil to break down back into the environment and without any Teflon (PTFE) or petro chemicals you can feel good about not leaving a trail of chemical residue behind you. If you’re a mechanic or in this stuff all day you’ll appreciate the added comfort and undeniable lack of irritation that you get from typical greases.

Pinkbike's Take:

The performance of Green Oil products may not be any better compared to the wide range of bike-related fluids on the market, but, the peace of mind that everything you are inhaling, absorbing, or dripping into the environment is clean and chemical free, to me, outweighs any disadvantages.— Paul Aston”

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