Green Oil's 1L Green Clean

Green Oil's 1L Green Clean


We appreciate honesty so I’ll tell you that we love everything about what Green Oil is doing. The Green Clean Bike Cleaner is a solid, hard working cleaner. It’s effective, economical, 100% plant based and 100% biodegradable. The bottle ships with 300ml concentrate for you to top up to 1L with water saving on weight and shipping. Reused pop bottle caps are used to seal the bottles and they come with a screw on sprayer. VéloColour’s opionion? There is no better environmentally responsible or effective cleaner on the market than Green Clean Bike Cleaner.

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Well firstly, its not just the name! The Green Clean formula is totally biodegradable, but not only that, its formula uses 100% natural ingredients. That means a minimal impact on the environment, and lower carbon footprint. Green Clean was developed in house and has award winning cleaning performance. It uses a special detergent derived from coconut oil, and orange peel extract among other natural ingredients. Curiously, the orange peel is a bi-product of the organic orange juice industry. All ingredients are sustainably sourced too.

Pinkbike's Take:
The performance of Green Oil products may not be any better compared to the wide range of bike-related fluids on the market, but, the peace of mind that everything you are inhaling, absorbing, or dripping into the environment is clean and chemical free, to me, outweighs any disadvantages.— Paul Aston”

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