Toronto Hustle Team Musette

Toronto Hustle Team Musette


We are excited to be a sponsor of of the amazing Toronto Hustle Cycling Team for 2019. VéloColour Supplied them with top quality bags for training rides including our T&T Dynamite Rolls and T&T Rocket Pockets. We also produced custom race weight musettes out of super thin material for grabbing food in feed zones during races.

We wanted to offer you something similar for your daily commutes and general carry arounds so we made these beautiful Hustle Musettes with a printed organic linen/cotton outer and a water resistant liner to keep your stuff dry. They’re finished with a fat, comfortable shoulder strap and magnetic binders for easy open and closing.

25% of all Toronto Hustle Musette sales goes straight back to the team for travel, fun or maybe just an extra plate of pasta.

Size: 33cm x 23cm

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