Green Oil Wet Lube

Green Oil Wet Lube


Though this is labeled as a wet lube I think this is a really good everyday chain lubricant. It runs clean and is thinner than what I would consider a true wet lube to be. After some use I am confident that GO Wet Lube easily exceeds the claimed 2ookm (125Mile) of protection listed on the bottle.

Now for the low down, this is a plant based, 100% biodegradable product and is completely free of petroleum and Teflon (PTFE) products. PTFE is used by most other lubricant manufacturers and is a synthetic that does not break down and is being found in the most remote parts of our planet. Though it is widely used many other lubricants will claim to be completely biodegradable but we know this is not the true.

Green Oil considers every aspect of impact so GO Wet Lube uses 100% recycled bottles and convenient long nozzled tops.

Application: We use 10 - 15 drops on the inner links while rotating the chain and add another 4-8 drops on the outer links. rotate the chain 10-12 times and give a light wipe with a cloth. Ride your bike.

As with any oil lubricant wipe the chain side plates after every long ride or 100 - 200km with a cloth or old t-shirt to keep the plates clean and dust free.

The future of product sales: We are starting to see the change as some supermarkets and smaller stores look for bulk or refill opportunities where they can. We will soon be offering refills of this product and will give you a discount for coming in and filling up instead of using a new bottle.

Pinkbike's Take:
The performance of Green Oil products may not be any better compared to the wide range of bike-related fluids on the market, but, the peace of mind that everything you are inhaling, absorbing, or dripping into the environment is clean and chemical free, to me, outweighs any disadvantages.— Paul Aston”

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