VéLOCOLOUR makes smiles happen


You might think of us as a custom paint and cycling bag producer, but we prefer to think of ourselves as a satisfaction supplier. It's true. We love to create great things that make you smile and jump up and say hell yeah!

It's not all about sunshine, however. We like to have fun and all, but we take this pretty seriously. Our focus on durability, longevity and distinctively smart design can be a source of endless discussion and scrutiny on our part. While this keeps us up some nights, building an environment fueled by hard work and creativity helps us sleep well the rest of the time. The job doesn't end at producing amazing stuff and feeling great about what we've made, though it could. Environmental concerns are occupying an ever larger part of our daily thoughts. The material choices we make both in paint and soft goods along with the life expectancy of our products get rigorous assessment. We offer a lifetime warranty and repairs on broken or damaged goods to ensures they stay in use and out of the land fill. That’s smart business and good for all of us.

As we look ahead we'll continue to find ways to offer you more awesome — we just can't help ourselves. We hope to keep you as excited and passionate about what we do as we are.


VéloColour Paint

Open since 2008 VéloColour is a custom painting shop in Toronto that specializes in contemporary bicycle painting and design as well as top-quality vintage bicycle paint restoration.

Owner and head painter Noah Rosen got his start in 2005 painting bikes for bicycle expert Mike Barry Sr. Initially, highly regarded as a paint restoration shop, VéloColour is now considered to be one of North America’s best custom painters.

Cinelli, Colnago, EddyMerckx, Legnano, Rene Herse are all familiar names around the shop along side modern aluminum, carbon, steel and titanium frames from custom builders and bigger name brands as well. Brands and styles too numerous to list, VéloColour has painted everything from road, cx, commuter, track and touring bikes to mountain bikes and tandems, they have all come through the shop for refinishing or a special touch.

Over the years VéloColour has had the chance to paint for several great people within the cycling community and beyond, including the current Pope, Pope Francis.

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VéloColour Products

In 2008 VéloColour opened it’s doors with the mission to produce the best quality paint and design available. Since that time VéloColour has gained a world wide reputation for its highly detailed custom paintwork and flawless bicycle restorations.

In 2015, with those same concerns for detail, design and quality, VéloColour launched its soft goods and accessories division. Focussed on function and durability first VéloColour products unite modern design with timeless style. All of our products are constructed in Toronto using the best North American produced materials available.

From paint to products VéloColour designs for you, the cyclist. Guaranteed performance, made to last a lifetime.


Noah Rosen – Founder and Paint Master 

Noah Rosen has a life-long history of making things and an art degree to prove it. He has also been riding bicycles since the early days when his parents first let him out of the house alone (we’ll find photo proof later). Though his artistic focus mostly remained in the three-dimensional realm, his first taste of bicycle painting in 2005 quickly opened his eyes to new possibilities. Noah’s love of cycling paired with his craft and fine art background made bike painting the perfect combination of the two and seemed like a reasonable way to pass the time.

In 2008 Noah opened the doors to the now world-renowned VéloColour paint shop. With the business’ steady growth since then Noah still has his hands in every project that goes out the shop door. Paint and product design, paint finishing, product testing, chatting with visiting customers and attempting to produce a good soy milk cappuccino all give Noah plenty to do.

While constantly expanding VéloColour’s capabilities and creative vision Noah finds time to ride more than ever before. When asked about all of this Noah says “Yeah, it’s pretty good.”


Suzanne Carlsen – Designer and General Dictator 

Suzanne Carlsen is a creative monster with wide ranging skills and incredible design intuition. She joined VéloColour in 2014 to assist with communications, paint design, product development. Now her aim to raise the quality of our previously lack-luster spontaneous dance program.

With a background in design, jewellery, metalsmithing and textiles, Suzanne is a major part of VéloColour’s quality and aesthetic. All of the impeccably executed head badges, chain guards and custom metal work that VéloColour is known for are the result of her years of metalwork experience.

Suzanne’s knowledge in production sewing and manufacturing techniques make her essential, her quest for truth and the ability to sleep just one hour a night have proven to added benefits to the shop. Suzanne also heads up our textile department with a quickly growing product list of high quality, well-designed cycling bags and accessories. Look for her out on the cyclocross course or chatting up local group rides.