Lifetime Warranty


We want to make the best things, period. 

In 2008 VéloColour opened it’s doors with the goal of producing the highest quality paint jobs anywhere, and it’s still our focus today. We consider every aspect from the design to the durability and longevity, right down to the crispy little details. We just expect to do it better. 

Over the years, our business and what we offer has expanded, but our vision and desire to offer you the best has not wavered. The urgency around fixing our global environmental problem has only reinforced our motivation to insist on quality and longevity. Buy it once, and use it forever.

Warranty Policy

We want you to love our products and use them for a very long time. The best way to do that is first to construct them with the best possible materials and then to help you keep your VéloColour bag functioning properly and out of our waste systems. 

We are proud to now offer a hassle free, lifetime warranty on all VéloColour soft goods.

Like paint, our bags and other products will develop a patina from use. Life happens and that’s part of the beauty of using well-made products. Bags will wear, and while we can’t account for everything that may happen, if any part breaks, fails, tears at a seam, or the function becomes compromised due to a manufacturing defect, we will fix or replace the part in question. What’s more, this warranty is retroactive meaning even if you bought something from us five years ago we still want you to be using it today so.

While we do what we can to keep your products working in top-notch shape we handle warranty claims on a case by case basis. If your bag was run over by an angry driver or set ablaze by your camp stove, the fix may not fit in to our warranty policy. Hey, we’re a small business and only have so many hours in the day. 


What if the damage doesn’t fit our Warranty Policy?

We’re serious about keeping our bags working well and out of the waste stream so we happily offer refurbishments at a reasonable cost on all of our products where they might need a little patch or a full panel replacement.  Feel free to get in touch to discuss your options.