Frequently Asked Questions


…And Answers to questions you didn’t know you had

How much does a paint job cost?
It really depends on what you're looking for. The price for most paint jobs starts at about $800 CDN but the average price is between $1200 and $2200 CDN. Then again, we’ve done several jobs over the year that push the $3000-3500 mark.

Do you paint carbon or titanium?
We paint plenty of carbon frames and forks along with all other frame materials such as steel, titanium, aluminum etc.

How long does it take?
Most paint jobs take about two and half to three weeks start to finish. This is how long we actually need your frame or parts in the shop. Our wait-list ranges from 10 to 20 weeks depending on the time of year. Once a spot is booked in the queue the wait time begins.

How do I book a spot in the queue?
Click the STORE button in the top right of this page. It is the first item on the page. If you don’t want pay online feel free to call or pop in and we can process your credit card email you a receipt.

How do we decide on a paint scheme?
Some people come to us knowing exactly what they want and we strictly execute the paint.

Other customers really have no idea and look to us to provide design advise and/or full schemes. If this is the case we ask from some images of what you like (preferably not bicycle related) and some colour direction.

Depending on the scope of the details we then provide you with 2-3 design options with one revision. This process typically costs about $250 CDN. We start the design process once you have paid your deposit by booking a spot in the queue and your project start date is about a month away.

Do you paint other stuff?
Some of our biggest and most consistent customers over the years have been outside of the bike industry. We do work for industrial designers, sculptors and gaming companies. We also paint motorcycle parts and complete motorcycles as well as helmets.

We've even painted a few espresso machines. Feel free to get in touch if you have something in mind.

Do you have any issues with cross border shipping?
It seems like we are shipping in and out of Canada every day. Almost half of our business now comes from the USA. When you're ready to ship us your frame or parts, just get in touch and one of our lovely, e-mail ready staff members will tell you what you need to know. There is also more shipping information on our Shipping + Handling page.

Do I have to take my bike apart?
We only accept bikes completely stripped of components including the bottom bracket and headset. We're terrible mechanics, so just bring us the parts we're going to work on.

I just won a sprint and smashed a bottle of champagne on my frame to celebrate. Do you do touch-ups?
We do. They can be very tricky and sometimes almost impossible to make flawless, but we do our best. Touch-ups start at $250, even for small chips. The area usually requires some preparation, some filling, sanding and primer before attempting to blend in colour and clear coat. If the chip is near a graphic or logo we'll have to do some extra masking to get it right.

Do you sell painted frame pumps?
We sell stock black Silca frame pumps in our shop and can paint one along with your frame or just the pump on it's own to match your existing bike.

My frame is currently matte and it's a nightmare to keep clean can you help me?
Yes, the best thing to do is turn the matte finish to gloss. To do this we will mask all the needed areas, give your whole bike a light sand (for adhesion) and clear coat it with a gloss clear coat. Jobs like this get charged according to time spent but usually run $350-$450.

Why are you so expensive? I could take my bicycle to my uncle harry who paints cars and he is only going to charge me $200.
We don’t think we are expensive for the quality of service we are providing. VéloColour is a specialty labour-based business, with years of accumulated skill and using the best paint available. At the end of the day we may put 20 hours or more into making your bike look amazing. We are one of the best bicycle painters out there and it doesn't matter what type of frame you bring us, we will treat it as our own. Your uncle might paint if for $200 but all we have to say to that is you get what you paid for and you might come knocking on our door afterwards. Save yourself the initial $200.