1961 Legnano Gran Premio


The unmistakable candy yellow-green colour and detailing of the Italian made Legnano. From countless Giro’s and Tour’s de France to lovely city bikes, they’ve been around a long time.

We’ve spent a lot of time perfecting this colour which we believe to be a perfect match to the original factory paint.

This frame set started out with fresh chrome and we went to work from there doing the lug masking, filling and sanding, painting, red box lining and so much more.

The Legnano down tube graphic was originally applied as a stencil so we’ve also gone back to using the traditional method for authenticity and a superior look. We finished this beauty off with a restored head badge. It got a polish, a candy-red fill and a clear coat to protect it for years to come.

Photos courtesy of M. Campbell, Condorino.com