Satin Parlee


We did this project for the good folks at Alpha Vélo and Reflect Architecture. This machine came to us looking pretty rough with lots of missing and chipping factory paint. Our first job was to remove any unstable finish that would lead to problems down the road.

After some discussion a design was mapped out. The lightness of the sky and cloud is represented in the soft, satin blue and white finishes while the deep purple almost black suggests the depths of a Northern Canadian lake. The curvature of the paint divide can be seen as a canoe steadily pushing through the water.

Once it came to laying the paint down we spent a lot of time fine tuning the curves and adjusting details as can only be done once you get into the project and get a sense of the frame shapes.

Everyone involved was pleased with the outcome here and we can’t wait for the next project they bring in to challenge us with.