Pride Bikes


We get all sorts of requests for paint and specialty work. This one came from the Toronto branch of ad agency Leo Burnett. They worked with one of Pride Toronto’s main sponsors and asked us to paint a fleet of fifteen Bike Share bikes in a rainbow of colours.

They wanted the bikes to look like they were dipped in paint so we were given the task of painting these bikes head to toe, chains, tires, spokes, everything. They looked amazing racked up together but the best part was to see all of these bikes spread through the city. For months we would see one of these go by on our way somewhere or would receive a photo from a friend when they spotted one. The paint held up surprisingly well. Other than a light strip of rubber down the centers of the tires the paint looked perfectly intact until they were taken off the road for winter.

To finish these off we sewed up a batch of colour matched seat covers to complete the aesthetic. As usual with projects like this, time was tight, we cranked this out with no time to spare.