colnago Victory with matching silca pump


Colnago is among the most legendary of cycling brands. Not many companies have the history or patronage and have managed to stay relevant to this day. For that reason we see quite a few Colnagos in for paint and we often get to do something fun when they come in. This frame was showing bits of rust bubbling up through the paint and was well worn. We polished the existing chrome, masked the drop-outs and drive side chain stay then the rest was media blasted and sealed with primer before moving to the good stuff.

VéloColour has been a long time supporter of Silca. We have been stocking the Silca Impero frame pumps in the shop for a number of years and discussed, with the customer, the addition of a frame pump for this project. We could have just gone with a matching Saronni Red but what fun is that? Detail for detail, sparing the Columbus tubing decal, we matched the pump to the seat tube. Precision is key in carrying these lines perfectly across two parts. The pump was assembled and disassembled at every step and closely checked for alignment. That might have been enough but our vision for this went a step further, underneath the handle is a little surprise. The paint shceme continues identically to the top of the pumps shaft where, for a third time, the white panel is capped with World Championship stripes before transitioning back to Saronni Red.

Sometimes we just can’t help ourselves.