Titanium Seven Mudhoney


This is Noah’s person cyclocross machine, a light and nimble titanium frame and Parlee carbon fork. Here it’s built up for winter riding with full mudguards and frame pump but all the extras get taken off and it’s ready for mud.

We love to see some raw titanium and for a race bike it’s great for durability so we kept the rear end and lower sections as they came from the Seven shop. Continuing with that theme, starting the paint above the seat tube derailleur clamp meant changing gearing a number of times a season from single to double crank and back again wouldn’t be a problem and we wouldn’t see any marred paint after all those changes. Most of the paint detail itself can be seen in the white to yellow to blue transitions. There’s plenty of fine line work in there all of which began as masked titanium and it really shimmers in the sunshine. Three years on this bike is still going strong.