Bidon in French means water can or carrier, our Bidon Suff Bag is a fantastic bag that fits perfectly into your bottle cage taking the place of one of your bottles.

Using high-quality Maharam* Vinyl and a rigid water-resistant inner liner this bag is compact but carries lots of stuff like a large inner-tube, a multi-tool, tire levers or you can even throw a light rain jacket on a threatening day. 

The Bidon bag fits every bottle cage we've tried, aluminum, carbon, stainless and titanium. It's hard-wearing, super-solid and totally rattle free. The water-proof YYK zipper keeps it sealed up tight in the wet. 

Modern or classic, you'll love this bag no matter what type of bike you ride. 

Weight 83g
Outside Dimensions: ø 8.1cm x 13 cm (ø3" x 5") 
Inside Dimension: ø 7.6cm (2.75")


  • Outer casing made with weather-resistant Maharam Vinyl

  • Inner core is water a resistant hard-shell liner wrapped with n1000d Cordura

  • YYK water-proof zippers

Made in the VéloColour's Toronto shop

**The second picture has two 700 x 18-25C tubes and a multi tool
***The third picture has a single 700x 28-35C tube, multi tool and tire levers

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